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Is My Dog Aggressive?

You’re walking your dog and he starts barking. Next thing you know, he’s lunging and growling toward the person and dog on the other side of the street. You try to get out of there as quickly as possible but still hear the other person call your dog aggressive as you are walking the other way. Now you’re thinking, “This can’t be happening. My dog is aggressive!” But is he?

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Whale Watching

Learn to do nothing?

I get a lot of questions. A lot of good questions. But if I had to rank the questions by popularity, the most common question that people ask is: “How do I get my dog to stop doing (fill-in-the-blank)?” I always have the same answer, which is: “What would you like your dog to do instead of (fill-in-the-blank)?” There’s always a pause after this question while the person takes a second to think about what they would like their dog to do instead. Most people haven’t thought about this before.

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The Freedom of Choices

Fight boredom and build self-reliance in your dog

Choices. Our lives revolve around making choices every day. Coffee or juice? Bring a lunch or go out to eat with co-workers? Sit outside in the fresh air or stay inside and read a book? Go out to see a movie or binge Netflix on the couch? Making choices makes us happy, enriches our lives, and provides us freedom.

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Our dog, Nova, used to react to other dogs and people from over 20 feet away. After working with Heather we can safely walk on trails and at parks without Nova having a reaction. Nova truly is a different dog.

~ Mollie O. & Nova

Sadie had a lot of issues with intense reactivity (out of fear) with other dogs. Heather worked with us in a class setting with other reactive dogs in a slow and controlled manner. By the end of the class we were able to walk with other dogs in sight without a reaction using the techniques she taught us!

~ Lisa S. & Sadie

With Heather's help, my dog Pepper went from being reactive or shut down, to being trusting and more confident. I learned how to be her advocate and to love her for exactly who she is. Heather truly changed our lives so much for the better.

~ Laura N. & Pepper

When Scout developed problems with fear and anxiety of certain men and being left alone, she was quick to refer us to a vet with expertise in behavioral issues and working with us one on one to come up with positive ways to redirect his behavior. We love her force-free, positive reinforcement techniques, her love and passion for animals and have had great success working with her. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

~ Lisa S. & Scout